Choosing a university

Ko tēhea te whare wānanga mōu?

A little planning will help you make the most of the opportunities at university.

All eight New Zealand universities are ranked in the top 3% of universities in the world and offer quality tertiary education and student support - so they're all good options!


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Facilities & services

  1. Chaplaincy

  2. Medical centre

  3. Sport & recreation

  4. Marae

  5. Careers Centre

  6. Student Union / student advocacy

  7. Child care

  8. Counselling

  9. Disabilities services

  10. Book shops

  11. Cafes and shops

  12. Accommodation / Halls of residence

13.  Student clubs

14.  Academic & Learning support

15.  Admission & enrolment

16.  Fees & finance

17.  Scholarships

18.  Maori Student Academic support

19.  Pasifika student academic support

20.  Student wellbeing

21.  Library

22.  Health services

23.  Student Job Search

A university is a community, offering support services and facilities on campus to help you achieve at your best, and keep you motivated while you're on your study journey.

Even if you are considering studying by distance, you can still access a range of support services.

Some things to consider when choosing a university...

  • What are my interests and strengths? What do I love doing? What are my future goals?

  • Which universities offer what I want to study?

  • Where is the campus located? Is it in a city?, out of town or close to home?

  • What is the student population?

  • What is the vibe of the university?

  • Does the university have all the facilities I'd want?

  • Is there university accommodation? Halls of Residence? Colleges?

  • What student support services are available?