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Me whakawhānui te wheako

Universities offer a range of opportunities for you to experience, connect and explore life as a student. When you’re thinking about which university to attend, also look at the additional experiences on offer.

Study abroad and student exchange  |  Akoranga kei tāwāhi

Experience and explore

Study abroad and student exchange programmes are an opportunity to explore and experience overseas study as part of your New Zealand degree.

  • Earn credits towards your New Zealand degree

  • Graduate with international experience

  • Pay New Zealand tuition fees and if you’re eligible continue to receive StudyLink loans or allowances (see StudyLink for more information).

Summer research scholarships  |  Karahipi Rangahau o te Raumati

Explore the world of academic research

  • Gain valuable research experience

  • Develop your research skills

  • Work with leading researchers

  • Enhance your career opportunities

  • Prepare for the possibility of postgraduate study

Internships and work placements  |  Tūranga tauira


Internships and work placements are an opportunity to connect with industry, all as part of your study experience.

  • Apply your learning to ‘real-world’ situations

  • Develop valuable transferable skills

  • Build your work history

Further information

To find out more about these opportunities, use these ‘keywords’ to search the university website for more details:

Study abroad | Internships  |  Summer research  |  Work placements  |  Exchange  |  Summer scholarships


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